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We are very excited to present the six students from NTNU that will be joining us for the Appfarm Summer Internship 2022. After a week of training, the students will be working on real Appfarm projects produced for our customers.

Created a solution for Feiring

Appfarm has seen great results from previous interns in the past year. Students have created amazing projects for Appfarm customers and partners. Among them is Feiring, who needed a solution to track, measure, manage and analyze their rock crushing operations.

Feiring builds its solutions with cloud-based technology and is generally interested in finding ways to do more with less use of traditional coding.

“We had the pleasure of having three summer students from Appfarm join us over the summer in 2021. They were tasked with creating a solution for report production, sampling, and our laboratory,” Kenneth Anders Hansen, CTO at Feiring says. 
“For us, this became an actual Proof of Concept on Appfarm as a development platform, while also giving us the opportunity to create useful and necessary solutions along the way. Today, the solutions created by the summer students form the basis of our new generation of field applications, that we are now continuously building directly on top of to add functionality,” Hansen says.
“We see great value in the work that was put in by the summer students. We are impressed with how much they managed to achieve in a limited time and the quality of the solutions they developed."
“I would highly recommend running a project with summer interns to anyone considering this. This creates great experiences for the students, while also giving you the opportunity to solve specific challenges or needs your organization is facing,” Kenneth Hansen finishes.

The Appfarm solution built for Feiring by last years summer students

Head of Solutions at Appfarm, Øystein Bjering, believes students are a great resource for Appfarm and its customers. At the same time, allowing the students to work on real projects and produce real-life applications, gives them valuable and relevant work experience they can bring with them through their studies.

“It’s fun to see how fast the students are picking up No-Code. They are quick and eager to learn, which makes for amazing results for our customers. It's definitely valuable to involve them in real projects – it's a win-win-win,” Bjering says.

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Meet the students

Appfarm Summer Students 2022

This summer we are joined by Amanda, Anne, Mathias, Peder, Thea and Vegard. They are all students at NTNU, and will spend four weeks at Appfarm working on real No-Code projects for our customers.

“I am excited to learn how Appfarm challenges traditional development processes, and I hope to become a racer in no-code”, says Amanda Heffermehl.

Thea Ahlgren is in her fourth year at NTNU, studying computer science. She is looking forward to learning more about the start-up environment for no-code.

“I think no-code is a very intriguing technology, and I look forward to learning more about the opportunities this allows for,” Thea Ahlgren says.

Vegard Ervik is in his third year at NTNU, studying computer science and Artificial Intelligence.

"What I'm most excited about this summer is to gain relevant work experience and learn about No-Code and how it works in reality," Vegard Ervik says.

Peder Ditlev is in his fourth year at NTNU for Industrial Economy and Technology Leadership.

"I'm hoping to learn more about how low-code development works, and be part of developing good software solutions," Peder Ditlev says.

Mathias Pedersen is also looking forward to mastering the Appfarm no-code platform.

"I am also very excited to meet the rest of the team I'll be working with, both the other interns and the rest of the Appfarm team," Mathias Pedersen says.

Anne Ørbæk, who is in her fourth year of studying Communication Technology and Digital Security, agrees.

"I am excited to meet the Appfarm family and learn about their no-code technology, work culture and last but not least to have fun with the team," Anne Ørbæk says.


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